Our preaching series for March is entitled:  TRANSFORMED – Real Gospel Stories. Hear the real stories from real people who have been transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The apostle Paul proclaimed: “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes…” (Romans 1:16). 

Maybe you know someone with an addiction, not just drug addiction, any kind of addiction.  Maybe you know somebody who has strayed from the faith and is running from God. Invite them to hear these powerful gospel transformation stories! There is hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ! Please join us in prayer for these services, as we believe hearts will be opened to the transforming power of the gospel, and lives will be forever changed! 

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    Pastor Ray Viola and his son Josh will be sharing. Ray serves as the senior pastor of Koinonia Fellowship in East Rochester. His son, Josh, strayed away from the faith and became strongly addicted to drugs. You’ll hear from Josh personally, how the Gospel rescued him and is transforming his life today. You’ll also hear a powerful and moving message of hope from Pastor Ray. When things looked utterly hopeless to him and his wife Liz, God miraculously intervened!  

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    Jimmy Jack will be telling his personal gospel story. Jimmy’s life began in turmoil, with his mother and father both committed to mental wards. Drug addiction consumed Jimmy Jack’s life for years to come. He learned how to use drugs at age 10 and became consumed by hard drugs in the streets of New York City. This led him to enter into a life of crime, addiction, and reckless living. One-night Jimmy and his best friend went to New York City to buy four bags of heroin. After Jimmy snorted a bag, he helped his friend shoot the rest in his arm. Billy overdosed. As his lifeless body lay in Jimmy’s arms, Jimmy made many attempts to revive him through mouth to mouth resuscitation, but was unsuccessful. Billy was gone. As the paramedics arrived and tried to revive him, Jimmy cried out to God saying, “I’ll become whatever you want me to be God, just don’t let Billy die!” Miraculously, Billy came back to life! Soon after, Jimmy entered Brooklyn Teen Challenge and his life was miraculously transformed. Mentored by David and Don Wilkerson, Jimmy went on to graduate from Central Bible College in 1989. Today, Jimmy pastors at Freedom Chapel in Amityville, NY, serves as the executive director of Teen Challenge for all of New York State, and travels the world bringing the message of hope.

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    Russel Moss, through small compromises, found himself backsliding and running from God. He was in the grip of addiction for 15 years, homeless in the streets of NYC, when one day he “ran into” Teen Challenge. Within his first week there Russel had an encounter with the Holy Spirit, and he was radically delivered and transformed by the power of God! Today he is an approved missionary with Live Dead, a missionary movement committed to establishing the gospel in the least-reached areas of the world. 

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