“to always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

I Peter 3:15

EQUIP: For Life and Ministry is our midweek discipleship emphasis. It will have a strong focus on apologetics, which can be defined as the defense of the Christian faith. EQUIP is committed to communicating the truths of Scripture in an accurate, clear, and practical way. The goal is to equip believers to unequivocally know who they are in Christ and reach their full potential serving Christ as disciple-makers, both in life and ministry.

The vision is to offer more than one EQUIP class at a time. Each class will support our priorities of Loving God and Loving People, and encompass our core values of Know, Grow, Serve, and Share. Currently, we will be offering one class online on Wednesday evening.  View information on the current series below. Teachings will be online -- available via Facebook, the LIVESTREAM tab above, and the BoxCast app on streaming devices. 

We now have EQUIP Journals! Be sure to stop by the church and pick one up. They will be available on Sunday mornings at the North Foyer Welcome Center. 

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What's the Difference?

Comparing World Religions and Biblical Christianity

Online, Wednesdays @ 7 PM (May & June)

The story has been told of three blind men walking down a road together, who came upon an elephant. Each man began to describe the creature based on what they had encountered. The man holding the trunk called out that the animal was long and tube-like, as a snake. The one holding an ear exclaimed, no, it is flat and flexible, like a kite. The third man feeling the leg shouted, you’re both wrong, it is massive, like a tree!  The assertation of the people telling this story is that the major religions of the world are as these blind men, each holding a piece of the truth without comprehending the whole thing. It’s a cute story, but hidden in the telling of this is the arrogant claim that the teller sees the whole truth, while the characters in it only blindly grasp their own small piece. 

So what is the truth?  Do all roads lead to God?  Are the gods of each religion the same?  What sets Christianity apart?  What about Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons who use the Bible but have some very different interpretations of it?

In our spring series “What’s the Difference” we’ll survey the major religions and see how they compare to Biblical Christianity.  We’ll look at distinctive Christian doctrine and how the doctrines of other faiths compare. This series should help equip you to explain and share your faith with others.