“to always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you

a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

I Peter 3:15

EQUIP classes are taking a break for the summer. We will relaunch in September 2024!
In the fall they will be weekly on Wednesday evenings (except the 1st Wednesday of each month).

This Summer we are doing GO NIGHTS --  Serve the Community. Share the Gospel.


EQUIP: For a Life of Ministry is our midweek discipleship emphasis. It will have a strong focus on apologetics, which can be defined as the defense of the Christian faith. EQUIP is committed to communicating the truths of Scripture in an accurate, clear, and practical way. The goal is to equip believers to unequivocally know who they are in Christ and reach their full potential serving Christ as disciple-makers.

All EQUIP classes support our priority of Loving God and Loving People, and encompass our core values of Know, Grow, Serve, and Share. There are classes for the entire family!  

To learn more about Equip, CLICK HERE (for our Equip Launch Booklet) Information on classes and format of each Equip night are below. We will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, and the first Wednesday of each month will be our family prayer service (First Wednesday).


CLASSES for all ages!

It is our prayer that all of our church family, young and old alike, will be equipped theologically (with a right understanding of what God says) and practically (with a right application of what God says). Both are essential in being equipped for a life of ministry.

  • It is no secret that our culture has changed dramatically over the past few decades.  We are bombarded with ideological propaganda at every turn, from entertainment, to social media, to news coverage, to what is expected in the workplace.  The gap between what the Bible teaches and what the culture expects continues to expand, with Christians feeling the tension every step of the way.  How do we stand firm in what we believe, while obeying Jesus’ teaching to love our neighbors?  What about His teaching to love our enemies?

    During EQUIP on Wednesday nights starting in October, our series, No Reason to Hide, will help you to defend your biblical beliefs with confidence and compassion.  We will help identify the current flow of the culture, comparing it to what the Bible teaches while identifying strategies to help navigate it.  We will cover topics like:

        DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) – promoting unity or driving division?

        Gender – God given blessing or social construction?

        Fake Love – How does a false view of love determine our actions?

        Raising Children in Babylon – Are we overreacting to the small things and missing the big ones?

    Our goal is to equip you for a life of ministry.  Come grow with us!

  • Patrick, Grace, and some Refuge leaders will launch Equip for our teens with a teaching series called Bible Studies For Life. Each session takes us through a section of scripture dealing with a specific topic. It breaks down the context of the scripture as a group and allows for practical application to life. It is designed to ask personal questions, which spurs great discussion during class time and allows for students to grow together.

    Each session ends with the section Live it Out, which really embodies the heart of EQUIP – being equipped for a life of ministry. It has three sections in Live it Out: Christ, Community, and Culture. These sections challenge the students to consider how they can apply what they learn in their personal relationship with God (Christ), within the context of their church family (Community), and to the lost world (Culture).

    We will be going through the fall edition of Bible Studies For Life. We’re going to take a deep dive into the life of Daniel, where we will see him, even as a young man, developing deep convictions, praying with passion, boldly speaking the truth, and living with incredible courage. Throughout this series our prayer is that the students will learn from the life of Daniel and put into practice many of the principles we see Daniel live out.

  • Pastor Pat and Tina, along with Pastor Dan and Cathy, will spend one year with our 6th grade students — laying a strong foundation of truth as these students prepare for their passage into middle school.


    Biblical Worldview

    - Builds a framework for living biblically in every area of life


    - Teaches 6th graders how to defend their faith

    Real-Life Application

    - Applies what kids are learning to today’s world

    Engaging Activities

    - Games, Videos, and projects that bring the Bible to life

    Critical Thinking Questions

    - Questions that connect a student’s mind and faith

     In the summer of 2024, the 6th grade students and their parents will

    be provided the opportunity to go on a field trip  to the Ark Encounter in Kentucky. More details coming!

  • Our kids, nursery through 5th grade, will be a part of TeamKID. “Kid” stands for Kids in Discipleship! Classes will be as follows:

    - Nursery (Ages 0-3)

    - Preschool & Kindergarten

    - Girls’ Ministry: 1st & 2nd grade; 3rd-5th grade

    - Boys’ Ministry*: 1st & 2nd grade; 3rd-5th grade (*Royal Rangers)


    All kids’ classes will be going through a discipleship journey with Bible Studies for Life. This fall they will learn the incredible stories of Rahab, Deborah, Esther, and a widow—fascinating examples of people who chose to respect, trust, and obey God even when it was difficult. Kids will then begin to understand God’s plan for families. Romans 12:10 says, “Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Take the lead in honoring one another.” They will learn to love, respect, value and pray for families. This will lead into the life stories of Moses, Jonah, Daniel and David, and how God is in control, has the power to do anything, and that there is no one like Him.


    There will be practical opportunities for them to “live it out!” They will learn what it means to love one another, serve the body of Christ, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    • Adults:  Sanctuary
    • Refuge Students:  Room 106 (Girls, 7th-12th Grade) & Room 201 (Guys, 7th-12th Grade)
    • 6th Graders: Room 217
    • Girls’ Ministry: Room 102 (3rd-5th Grade) & Room 101 (1st-2nd Grade)
    • Boys’ Ministry: Room 104 (3rd-5th Grade) & Room 105 (1st-2nd Grade)  
    • Pre-K & K: Room 219 (ages 4 - Kindergarten)
    • Nursery: Room 218 (ages 0-3)
  • 6:00 PM — Dinner (pizza, chicken fingers & salad served in the gym)

    6:45 PM — Transition to classrooms

    7:00 PM — Equip Sessions Begin

    8:00 PM — Equip Sessions Conclude