“to always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.”

I Peter 3:15

There will be no EQUIP classes in September 2023. We will be relaunching on Wednesday, October 11!

EQUIP: For a Life of Ministry is our midweek discipleship emphasis. It will have a strong focus on apologetics, which can be defined as the defense of the Christian faith. EQUIP is committed to communicating the truths of Scripture in an accurate, clear, and practical way. The goal is to equip believers to unequivocally know who they are in Christ and reach their full potential serving Christ as disciple-makers.

The vision is to offer more than one EQUIP class at a time. Each class will support our priorities of Loving God and Loving People, and encompass our core values of Know, Grow, Serve, and Share. This in-person for the entire family!  

To learn more about Equip, CLICK HERE (for our Equip Launch Booklet) Information on classes and format of each Equip night are below. We will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings, and the first Wednesday of each month will be our family prayer service (First Wednesday).

Please RSVP for our weekly Church Family Dinner (Wednesdays at 6 PM). CLICK HERE to RSVP.


In-person for all ages!

It is our prayer that all of our church family, young and old alike, will be equipped theologically (with a right understanding of what God says) and practically (with a right application of what God says). Both are essential in being equipped for a life of ministry.

  • Never in my lifetime has our nation been so divided. Red and blue maps seem to signify more than voting patterns, but instead, expectations on worldviews and beliefs we’re expected to hold. Beliefs that spread farther and farther apart on the spectrum. Lost in the gap are real conversations, seemingly replaced by talking heads and twitter feuds.

    When was the last time you had an honest, heartfelt, kind conversation with someone about topics like gender, sexuality, mental illness, abortion, or politics? As Christians, do we know what we believe? Do we know why we believe it? Do we know how to talk with people who believe differently than us? And how to do so in a way that represents Christ and opens the door for further conversation?

    In our new series, Challenging Conversations, we will do just that. We will look at these uncomfortable topics with the goal of better understanding what we believe, why we believe it, and how to have a civil conversation about it — remembering the goal is never to win an argument, but to win a soul for Christ.

  • Patrick, Grace, and some Refuge leaders will launch Equip for our teens with a teaching series on our identity in Christ. It’s crucial for students to know who they are in Christ, find their worth in Him, and make their faith their own personal faith. This series lays the foundation for equipping them for a life of ministry, helping them “be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks [them] a reason for the hope that is in [them], with meekness and fear.”

    "Who am I?" is a question that students are being challenged to answer. The confusion is growing. To answer this question we must first ask, "Who does God say I am?" Beginning in Genesis, the Bible tells us that we are made in God’s image, but that image has become distorted by sin. Our students are bombarded with unbiblical messaging through social media and academia. The only way to restore what’s been broken is by understanding, knowing, and embracing God’s Truth—through a personal relationship with Jesus.

    We will be using teaching material from LifeWay, entitled, Defined: Who God Says You Are. For this series we’ll have a teen guy’s class and teen girl’s class, as we dive deep into God’s truth, countering the culture’s lies about who they are. Through God’s Word the teachings will help students learn their identity is directly tied to their relationship with Christ. Understanding and embracing this truth will positively affect how they think about themselves, speak and relate in love to those around them, and handle temptation and criticism.

  • Pastor Pat and Tina, along with Pastor Dan and Cathy, will spend one year with our 6th grade students — laying a strong foundation of truth as these students prepare for their passage into middle school.


    Biblical Worldview

    - Builds a framework for living biblically in every area of life


    - Teaches 6th graders how to defend their faith

    Real-Life Application

    - Applies what kids are learning to today’s world

    Engaging Activities

    - Games, Videos, and projects that bring the Bible to life

    Critical Thinking Questions

    - Questions that connect a student’s mind and faith


    In the summer of 2023, the 6th grade students and their parents will be provided the opportunity to go on a field trip to the Creation Museum and Noah’s Ark. More details coming!

  • Our kids, nursery through 5th grade, will be a part of TeamKID. “Kid” stands for Kids in Discipleship! Classes will be as follows:

     - Nursery (Ages 0-3)

    - Preschool & Kindergarten

    - Girls’ Ministry: 1st & 2nd grade; 3rd-5th grade

    - Boys’ Ministry*: 1st & 2nd grade; 3rd-5th grade (*Royal Rangers Format)


    It is our desire to teach our kids how to build a solid foundation on the Word of God, as they learn who they are in Christ and how to live out their faith through the power of the Holy Spirit. All of our TeamKID classes will build on each other over the course of their experience. They will learn foundational, applicable life-lessons in accordance with their age and level of Biblical learning at that stage. The 10 main areas of Biblical learning will include:  God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Salvation, Creation, the Church, People, Family, and the Community and World.


    There will be practical opportunities for them to learn what it means to love one another, serve the body of Christ, and live out the Great Commission.

    • Adults:  Sanctuary
    • Refuge Students:  Room 201 (Girls, 7th-12th Grade) & Room 106 (Guys, 7th-12th Grade)
                                           *Some series we may divide Middle School/High School instead
    • 6th Graders: Room 217
    • Girls’ Ministry: Room 102 (3rd-5th Grade) & Room 101 (1st-2nd Grade)
    • Boys’ Ministry: Room 104 (3rd-5th Grade) & Room 105 (1st-2nd Grade)  
                                  *Royal Ranger Program Format
    • Pre-K & K: Room 219 (ages 4 - Kindergarten)
    • Nursery: Room 218 (ages 0-3)
  • 6:00 PM — Dinner (pizza, chicken fingers & salad served in the gym) - RSVP here

    6:45 PM — Transition to classrooms

    7:00 PM — Equip Sessions Begin

    8:00 PM — Equip Sessions Conclude