Journey through God's WORD

We are very excited about the opportunity to journey through the Bible together in 2024. 

As we read the Scripture in community the church grows together in Christ. We draw near to Him through reading the whole story of God’s redeeming love. 

God’s Word is full of His very great and precious promises, and it is alive, tuning our minds to heavenly realities, convicting us of sin, and reminding us of what is true. What a comfort for our souls as we experience perplexing circumstances living in a broken world! Our God is faithful, from beginning to end of Scripture. The Holy Spirit will use the Word of truth to tune us to kingdom-reality and keep us rooted in God’s faithful provision and person.

As we journey through the Bible together, we will discover more about the future hope that we have in Christ. We’ll know God in a deeper and more meaningful way. We will grow in His grace and truth. We will serve God and others, motivated by a heart filled with gratitude and love. We will be equipped to boldly share what Christ has done for us.   

What a glorious joy that God would impart His very being to us through this precious book of life! By reading the whole Bible we receive the gift of hearing from God through Genesis to Revelation.

Extra copies of the reading plan are available in the north and south foyers. In addition, if you would like to use a digital copy for your reading, click here.

To help you with your Bible Reading Journey

  • Be intentional in your choice regarding the place and time of day you read. It will be helpful to eliminate any potential distractions in advance.

  • Be prayerful each day before you start your reading. Ask the Holy Spirit for understanding, and to speak to your heart.


  • Be journaling what the Lord spoke to your heart. Every time we read God’s Word He is speaking to us.

  • Be disciplined to apply the practical application.

  • Be committed after each day’s reading to take time to praise God, thanking Him for His Word.

  • Be surrounded by supportive people. Share about what the Lord is speaking to you. Talk with others about the wonder of God’s Word.

  • Be determined to stay the course. If you miss a day, don’t get discouraged. Give yourself grace and ask the Lord to help you refocus.

Reading Plan By Month

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